Soul Survivor

Unveil your true self, stand in your power
Never alone, always guided by spirits of light and love

Welcome Soul Survivor

You have been through so much in so many life times. Somehow you managed to keep going. You have vague memories that you were supposed to do something in this life, but can't seem to remember what it was exactly.

Do you need clarity, practical tips and tools? Do you want to penetrate the dark clouds that surround you?


Together we will reconnect you to your soul essence, so you can stand in your own power again. With the renewed connection your little spark can grow into the bright light you were meant to be.With the help of lightbeings and energetic techniques you will look at yourself and confront shadows of this life and lifetimes past. 


Enjoy this free meditation to meet some of the energies I work with.

What is a Soul Session?

A soul session will give you answers to questions you have about your soul path and  recurring obstacles you encounter. It will help you open up to receiving the brilliance that is you.

Aided by lightbeings like the Pleiadians, Archangels and Ascended Masters the energetic blocks that are keeping you from being in alignment will be released. We will use practical tools and techniques like meditations and visualizations tailored to your personal needs to help you receive the healings and insights you need.

Soul sessions are based on Pleiadian Lightwork brought into the current time line by Amorah Quan Yin.

A session will take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on guidance and costs 100 euro.

Questions? Send me an email: straalend@gmail.com

NOTE: A soul session is not a replacement of professional medical or psychological treatments.

About Inge

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As long as I can remember fear of unseen energies ruled my life. A frightened little girl who doesn’t want the lights switched off, surrounded by her toy animals in her bed with hardly any place for herself. Relying on their protection to keep the energies marching through her room away. That was me. That was still me when I went to University, minus the toy animals (although I sometimes took one out of the closet on dark nights…) but with the lights and radio on.

It became clear that I needed to do something, so I started on a spiritual quest. What started as a desperate search, has since turned into a beautiful life path. After Reiki and countless workshops and trainings I found my way to Pleiadian Lightwork. I finally came home and found the answers and techniques to turn my fearful experiences into loving encounters with light beings.

I have now embraced my soulmission to bring light into the darkness and help people conquer their shadows and find their way back to the light of their soul.